Welcome to Three Chord Wonder


They have known each other for a long time in the small town by Hanover, Germany. Each member of THREE CHORD WONDER brings his own unique philosophy of life and music into the band. Since March of 1989, they have combined these elements to create their own style of warm, rhythmic Noise-Rock and Melody-Punk. Playing multiple festivals and in clubs all across Germany for the last three years has left permanent marks of life experience and powerful stage presence in each of the artists. The result is a pure, honest energy the audience can feel. "Is it all we'll remember ?" THREE CHORD WONDER you will remember, because they will not thoughtlessly swim and sink in the muck of societal constraints. THREE CHORD WONDER refuses to be a product of the processed mainstream "talent", and therefore, "What you see is what you get", even if it's not what you e x p e c t e d.


  • And the fun just never ends - Sampler // CD
  • Three Chord Wonder - Care // 7"
  • Three Chord Wonder/D.I. - Split-Single // 7"
  • Three Chord Wonder - Nothing means nothing anymore // MCD
  • V/A Chaos-Tage Nasty Vinyl - Sampler // CD V/A Xmas - Sampler
  • V/A Xmas - Sampler Rock Büro Hannover // CD